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Came across this and had to share it with my tumblr peeps. Sometimes, on closing nights, the Landless twins give their murderer statements then bump fists very casually in a Landless twins 4 lyfe ride til u die kind of way. 

I have watched this way too much and I hope you will too. Also you KNOW, in your heart you KNOW Helena killed Drood every goddamn night and she was just too good at it to get caught most of the time. She planted that evidence. She knew. She just knew. That’s all.

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Elaine Stritch was a real role model. I just finished watching her documentary “Shoot Me”. I watched it two times in a row in fact. She proves you could be sensitive, vulnerable, hard on yourself, and make mistakes… but not feel like shit about it all the time.

She was BOLD, brash, opinionated, brave, resilient, strong, honest, and alive. Something we should all be!

RIP LADY, I hope you’re at an open bar somewhere out in the universe.

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